Credit Insurance

Our trade credit policy covers you against your debtorsí non-payment that can be caused by commercial events such as insolvency or protracted default. For a small to medium sized business, a bad debt can have a significant impact on cash flow and profitability. However, there are a number of benefits that a trade credit policy can provide:

  • Cost effective protection against the risks of non-payment as a result of your customers' unexpected insolvency or inability to pay.
  • Efficient claim payments that ensure the impact of a bad debt on your cash flow and balance sheet is minimised.
  • Confidence to grow your business with customers and markets that may be new to you, or with existing customers you are looking to expand your business with.
  • Market intelligence may be provided on your customers to help provide an early warning that a customer is in financial difficulty.
  • Enhance your existing credit control procedures and promotes good credit management practices.
  • Make the request for trade finance from a financial institution both attractive and economical.